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Dec 14, 2015 Of purgatory, limbo and better sex in the Vatican

Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 9:51 AM
Subject: Of purgatory, limbo and better sex in the Vatican

George Fishman Last Post 14/12. is sadly wrong: ‘Limbo’ is a place reserved somewhere betwixt heaven and hell for the souls of unbaptized infants who died before Jesus’s  coming.
Methinks George should thank the Pope for no longer 

allocating purgatory or exorcism for non – believers.
Purgatory: (in Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering

 inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins
before going to heaven.]
Indeed I note with bemusement that the Church is far more enlightened with their attitude  to sex:
Get a better sex life, via the Vatican’s Catholic university. The Australian 12 December
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
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George Fishman Last Post 14/12. is sadly wrong: ‘Limbo’ is a place reserved 
somewhere betwixt heaven or hell for newborn unbaptised babies:

Methinks George should thank Il Papa for no longer allocating purgatory and exorcism for non – believers.
Purgatory: (in Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.]

Indeed I note with bemusememnt that the Church is far more enlightened with their attitude  to the bedroom darby:

Get a better sex life, via the Vatican’s Catholic university. The Australian 12 December

As a Jew I will always be grateful for the latest announcement by the Catholic church allowing me into heaven (“Jews ‘can get to heaven without believing in Jesus’ ’’, 12-13/12. And to think that I may have been eternally condemned to limbo.
George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW

Get a better sex life, via the Vatican’s Catholic university

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Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.
A Catholic university overseen by the Vatican has agreed to host a conference of “aesthetic” gynaecologists who promise women they can amplify G-spots and kick-start sex lives.
The Augustinian Patristic ­Institute, 100m from St Peter’s Square in Rome, usually sticks to courses in early Christianity, as part of the curriculum of the Vatican’s Lateran University. But in April it will host the first Congress of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology, to be capped by a meeting for delegates with Pope Francis.
The society’s president, Alexandros Bader, boasts on his ­website that he is highly knowledgeable about the “secrets of the female body” and uses techniques designed to help women increase their sexual performance and ­libido.
Topics at the conference will include the reduction, lifting, tightening and bleaching of female genitalia, as well “G-spot amplification” — and even “O-spot ­amplification” — a reference to a point, somewhere behind the cervix, which experts claim is even more sensitive than the G-spot.
After sharpening up on the latest techniques in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, delegates will attend a papal audience and visit the Vatican gardens. Then, at a second location, delegates will participate in a follow-up, “hands-on course”, participating in operations featuring “14 live cases”.
A spokeswoman for the event said the conference venue was not within the walls of the Vatican City. “There are plenty of foreigners coming from all over the world and they want to be close to the centre of Rome, that’s all,” she said.
The Times


Arrests after fatal exorcism in Frankfurt, Germany

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Police found the body of a 41-year-old woman in a room at an InterContinental hotel in Frankfurt.
Five relatives of a woman who died in an exorcism ritual have been arrested and a second woman, bound in cling film and close to death, rescued from the family’s garage.
Police found the body of a 41-year-old woman in a room at an InterContinental hotel in Frankfurt after being alerted by a Catholic priest, who had been contacted by the family. They are thought to have arrived in Germany from South Korea about six weeks ago.
Prosecutors said the woman had been tied to a bed and beaten for two hours with the aim goal of “driving out the devil”. She suffocated because a towel had been stuffed in her mouth to stifle her screams.
A second woman, also 41, was found close to death from dehydration and hypothermia in the garage of a home in the nearby town of Sulzbach.
Prosecutor Nadja Niesen said the suspects were a 44-year-old woman, her 21-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, and two 15-year-old boys, one of whom was the victim’s son. “The suspects subjected the victim to pain and agony for at least two hours, and their actions were motivated by a callous and merciless attitude,” she said. “The woman eventually died from asphyxiation as a result of the massive chest compression and violence to her neck.”
Exorcisms are permitted by the Catholic Church, but under strict conditions and with the involvement of a priest. An 87-year-old woman died in 2009 in Frankfurt when her son beat her with a Bible.

Jews ‘can get to heaven without believing in Jesus’: theologians

Catholic theologians have said that Jews can secure eternal salvation without converting to Christianity.
Jews can secure eternal salvation without converting to Christianity, senior Catholic theologians say in a report published yesterday in the latest refinement of their stance on a vexed theological issue.
Addressing a question that has long blighted relations between the faiths, the report also unequivocally says the church should not actively seek to convert Jews, echoing the stance outlined by former Pope Benedict XVI in 2011.
The report, drawn up by the church’s Commission for ­Religious Relations with the Jews, goes further than Benedict, however, in effectively affirming that Jews can be saved independently of Christ.
“Although Jews cannot believe in Jesus Christ as the universal redeemer, they have a part in salvation, because the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable,” the report says, according to a summary released to the media.
The belief that the only way to salvation is through belief in Christ is a fundamental tenet of every strand of Christianity.
But it has also been blamed for creating an evangelical tendency responsible for some of the darkest periods in the history of religion, notably the anti-Muslim crusades of the Middle Ages and centuries of Christian anti-Semitism.
The latest report reiterates that it is only thanks to Christ’s death and resurrection that all people have the chance of salvation but accepts that Jews can benefit from this without believing in him.
The authors appear to ­acknowledge they are effectively squaring a theological circle.
How Jews being saved while not believing in Christ “can be possible remains an unfathomable mystery in the salvific plan of God”, they say.
The report, which does not constitute a formal change to official doctrine, was published to mark the 50th anniversary of the close of a landmark Vatican Council that ­attempted to draw a line under centuries of persecution of Jews based on Catholic teaching.
The council, widely known as Vatican II, disowned the concept of collective Jewish responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ, ­decried anti-Semitism and emphasised the shared heritage of the two faiths.
Relations between the two faiths have warmed steadily since then and were helped by a 1998 report from the same commission which called on Catholics to repent for their failure to do more to prevent the Holocaust while stopping short of blaming the church as an institution for its silence under the leadership of wartime pope Pius XII.


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TO YAD VASHEM HISTORIAN - My Dear Professor.....I write to inform you that you have been abysmally treated by our ABC

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Sent: Friday, October 23, 2015 10:35 AM
Subject: My Dear Professor.....I write to inform you that you have been abysmally treated by our ABC .
▼  October (3)
lDina Porat
Chief Historian Yad Vashem
My Dear Professor
I write to inform you that you have been abysmally treated by our ABC .
I send you links from my blog MEDIA SPINNERS: I have not used this blog for some time.
I put to you that you were unaware how your comments were to be abused by an organization that has a bad history when it comes to Israel bashing in general. Merely, barely adequate is that on the 40th anniv. of the 6 Day War – they abused Israel as a rogue state!
Netanyahu laceration in particular.
I draw your attention to the references use by this entity. Embedded in my cognate blog links above.
There is an address above that you could use to perhaps remonstrate with the management of ABC!
I have gone to some trouble to do what I have done – and am also sending cc copies to the major Jewish / Zionist organizations in Oz.
None know what I am doing – and am thinking that all concur.
AS a final note: have a look at what appeared on Australian TV [ABC!] TV on THURSDAY NIGHT.
One must see the ‘video’ and the transcript to appreciate the full gamut of the outrage that they readily commit!
Kindly insure that you are more skeptical of their motivations when you grant them an interview/
I hope my friends above CC will complain to the PRESS COUNCIL!!
it is important that those ‘capable’ – to ensure that the truth be told: I am going to be encouraging the formation of a TRUTH AND JUSTICE IN MEDIA ENTITY. I will write the constitution if others can get our current government to co – operate.
By the way: this email will also be posted to my ‘Media Spinners’ blog as soon as it is sent to you.
Geoff Seidner
East St Kilda Melbourne
Meet the young generation of Palestinians behind the third Intifada

Meet the young generation of Palestinians behind the third Intifada

Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians have been killed in a new wave of unrest and tension, and we meet some of the young generation of Palestinians behind what some are calling the third Intifada.
Contains: video, image,
Prof. Dina Porat
Contact info:
Gilman Building, Room 000
Curriculum Vitae
Dina Porat, 04157102/7
Professor Emeritus of  Modern Jewish History
Department of Jewish History
Faculty of Humanities

Home address: 23 Ankor st., Ramat Hasharon
Tel: 5403872. Fax: 5497112. Cell: 054-68-24-383.

Benjamin Netanyahu at Zionist congress (Photo: AFP)
8:16:40 22/10/2015

How do modern Jewish communities narrate the Holocaust?

The Israeli Prime Minister's offended Palestinians and Jewish Holocaust survivors. He's left historians astonished, and in Israel inspired widespread mirth and hundreds of new internet memes. He's been accused in the press of playing down Hitler's crimes to achieve political advantage against current day Palestinians. University of Melbourne historian Jordy Silverstein's recent book, Anxious Histories, examines how the Holocaust is narrated in modern Jewish communities. Ms Silverstein spoke to PM. MORE

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Sack the bast....!re Rupert

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From: g87
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 4:37 PM
Subject: Sack the bast....!

Dear Mr Carter,
I am appreciative of The Australian's broad attitude to Israel; most of your journalists like the esteemed Greg Sheridan are great.
So are most of your irregular contributors.
Unfortunately you run international agencies' news stories which are at times dubious.
EG.: AFP, Reuters - who years ago won the prize for dissembling with that INFAMOUS Israeli soldier photo.
But I expect better from you guys: you have control over Lyons:  you should sack the basta.....!
He regularly wrecks Mr Murdoch's good name!
You have other pathetic writers - like Isaac Rabinowitz: he and Lyons compete which can better abuse the Middle - East's only democracy!Both disgraceful.
How many anti - semitic articles of his / theirs do you want to glibly explain away blaming it on the sub - editor?
I could list 25 biased items over the year or so. Please do not challenge me to delienate details.
The sub - editor was indeed merely writing what is egregiously represented in Lyons' article!
Lyons and his predecessor Martin Chulov are representative of the worst of The Age!
I understand that your response to me was the result of my email to Rupert Murdoch - see cc above -  and as you have clearly confused my name in mail - merge with a Mr Magar - which should be Magyar  by the way - you have confirmed that many people have complained.
Veciferously, indubitably. Justifiably.
Do you want to appoint me as correspondent to Ramalah? Where do I send my resume?
I will need the IDF protection - but promise to lodge decent stories that will give you - my incipient boss - a warm inner glow.
And Mr Murdoch will be pleased; much cheaper than the leftist scams tat Labor is being reported on in your broadly great paper.
Why not read the links - to bring yourself up to speed?
Kind regards
Geoff Seidner
That is SEIDNER - not Magar or MAGYAR
13 Alston Grove East St Kilda 3183
Ph 03 9525 9299
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From: Cater, Nick
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 3:48 PM
Subject: The Weekend Australian

Dear Mr Magar

The publication of an inaccurate and misleading headline on page 13 of The Weekend Australian, "Living under the cloud of Israel's cruel apartheid" is a matter of deep regret. The headline was a reference to a contentious view expressed by a person interviewed in the article, and should not have been read as a statement of fact. The Australian rejects any comparison between Israel’s democratic, open and secular civil society and the abhorrent, discriminatory system of government that prevailed in South Africa until 1994.

The Australian has a clear policy of distinguishing fact from opinion, but in this case a poor headline, written against the pressure of deadlines, has let our readers down. We are conducting a review of our production process to ensure that such a serious lapse of editorial standards does not occur again. I will be reminding staff that particular care should be taken in the use of words that are capable of causing offence.

I would like to assure you that The Australian's editorial position towards Israel remains unchanged.

Kind regards

Nick Cater
Editor The Weekend Australian
The Australian
Level 2, 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
T: +61 2 9288 2329
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Lyons self - lionised again

From: g87
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 12:57 PM
To: the australian Lyon self - lionised again
Subject: Lyon self - lionised again

Dear Mr Mitchell
When will Lyons ever be accountable?
Will you publish this brief true dissertation or do you feel like supporting Lyons?
Lyon the the left.
In rush,,, my grandchildren are here,,,

Nothing is beyond the proverbial pale for John Lyons 18/5 Film draws discomforting home truths from Israeli security chiefs.
Quote ad discreditum an extremist Israeli filmaker who in turn manages to find six former dissatisfied members of Shin Bet and thus feel safe in more absurdiums galore.
They are only six against major historical truths! No matter how many other strange entities he brings to his absurdist propaganda piece
I have seen this ahistorical discreditable tactic used by JL and others many times before: The Australian on a good day actually apologized on his behalf.

But never will Lyons apologise – say for his current article which has a similarity of the media’s lauding of Jenin Jenin many years ago; complete with refusenik Israeli soldiers broadcast by SBS for ‘balance.’
Nor will the media or Lyons apologise for lauding the self – discredited Richard Goldstone report.

'Goldstone owes Israel apology for war crimes accusations' | JPost ...
Apr 3, 2011 – Peres says retired judge ignored reasons for Cast Lead, Israel still one of most moral armies; Barak: Goldstone apology is too little, too late; ...\

Lyons even has the chutzpah of blaming the Israeli government for not watching the Oscars, for plainly not regarding his vomituos diatribe as meriting an Oscar, blaming Israel for not being able to achieve peace with enemies who avow her destruction – and even for apparently uselesly trying to communicate with Hamas. Israel cannot win.
His article requires a 20,000 word thesis to disclose the complete fraud that is resident on all linesa and all tangents: there is even an attempt to glean merit for one of his dissemblers because he suffered in the holocaust and hunted a Nazi!
Understand that history will not be kind to this writer or the disparate range of acolytes who foist this article and dangerously flawed film on us.
Sadly there will be lots of people who accept this anti - Israel film as a true representation of reality – even if my lettre is published
Geoff Seidner
13 Alston Gr
East St Kilda 3183
03 9525 9299